About me

My name is Gerald Ihninger and my location is in the north of the city Salzburg, at 47.82N, 13.07E and about 430 m above sea level (antennas 10 m above ground). To the south I am surrounded by the Alps up to 2500 m and the horizon goes from 2 degrees (W) up to 13 degrees (SO).

During and after my university education of technical physics (master degree in semiconductor physics at JKU Linz) I have started with my hobbies electronics, software development for computer and -controller, weather and satellites, ham radio. I am a DIY maker with physics as background.

My call is OE2IGL and locator is JN67MT. I own the US callsign KN6UXF too.

mail to: gerald.ihninger @ inode.at

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