Electric-field measurement

Project "field-mill"

Stefan Kneifel developed this Field-mill and HC+RS made some improvements. We (Silvio Schömann, Torsten Hänßgen, Dirk Lindner, Roland Winklmeier, Gunter Gertung and Gerald Ihninger) started this project in 2007 to make a very cheap (60 - 170 Euro, depending on computer interface or not) homemade field-mill available.
Why we need a field-mill? During good weather E-field is approx. 100 - 150 V/m and earth is charged negative. Under a thunderstorm E-field is much higher, depending on cloud polarity up to -30 000 V/m or +30 000 V/m. E-field changes are used as thunderstorm and lightning indicator.

Magnetic-field measurement

Project "SAM"

SAM (simple aurora monitor) was developed by Karsten Hansky and Dirk Langenbach. Karsten & Dirk can also provide a kit and for more information have a look here.