10 GHz transverter

10 GHz transverter

Click on image, download and extract my Excel sheet "Link budget v2.1" to calculate microwave links up to 1000 GHz. Calculation of atmospheric attenuation (ITU-R P.676-12) is included.

microwave link budget

1. Offset dish and tripod with pan/tilt mount

Same design as for my 76 GHz transverter and pan/tilt head.

2. Cylindrical horn

It isn't optimized for my offset dish, the dish is over-illuminated.

10 GHz horn

3. Transverter

1st solution:

I got a used "Simple 10 GHz transverter" designed by DB6NT from Rudi (OE5VRL). It is a design from 1990 but it fulfills my requirements, enough for line-of-sight path or as IF interface for my 47 GHz transverter.

Noise figure : 2-3 dB
Output power : 12-13 mW
Input LO power : 10 mW at 2.556 GHz
Power supply: 12 V
Current consumption: 85 mA @Rx, 125 mA @Tx

Transverter with 2.5 GHz oscillator and 106.5 MHz TCXO.

10 GHz transverter DB6NT
10 GHz transverter DB6NT
10 GHz transverter DB6NT
10 GHz transverter DB6NT

2nd solution:

It is a F6BVA 10 GHz transverter kit for an IF of 432 MHz.
Noise figure : 1 dB
Output power : 10 mW
Input LO power : 10 mW at 2.484 GHz
Power supply: 12 V

10 GHz F6BVA
10 GHz F6BVA

The PLL for the F6BVA transverter is a ready finished 2484 MHz PLL made by Dieter DF9NP.


3rd solution:

I got a semi-assembled MKU10-G3 PCB board (only SMD part were soldered). I made both cavity resonator myself and IF is 144 MHz.
Noise figure : 1.2 dB
Output power : 200 mW
External reference : 106.5 MHz / 1 mW
Power supply: 12 V




4. Preamplifier

I got a preamplifier from OE5VRL. It is a DB6NT/DF9LN design with a NF = 0.9 dB and gain = 23 dB.

10 GHz LNA

5. Power Amplifier

It is a 200 mW power amplifier designed by DB6NT.
I used some copper flags to push output power from 100 to 220 mW.
Input power = 5-10 dBm

10GHz 200mW amplifier
10GHz 200mW amplifier

I use a 10.4 GHz PA made by Dirk Fischer DK2FD with max. 4.4 W output (Pin = 200mW) for the MKU10-G3 transverter.

10 GHz power amplifier 4W

6. LO module

For my DB6NT transverter I use a 106.50 MHz OCXO (DF9LN design) with a 2.5 GHz oscillator (DF9LN/DC8SE design) to get 2556 MHz.

106.50 MHz OCXO:
Output power: 0 dBm
Power supply: 8-24 V
Current consumption: 40 mW (700 mA after switch on)

106.5 MHz OCXO

2.556 GHz oscillator:
Output power: 10 mW
Power supply: 9-15 V
Current consumption: 80 mW

10GHz multiplier

7. IF receiver/transmitter

Therefore I use the IC-705 or a FT-817.


8. Accu Pack

I use a 12V LiFePO accu with 10Ah because of its light weight, only 1.4 kg.

9. Test results

19th of July 2020 "Simple 10 GHz Transverter": First successful 10 GHz (SSB, FM) test QSO.